Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recent Email

I just wrote this email to someone having surgery soon. I figured it could help other people out too:

I had that surgery on August 29th. Was released on the 30th and crutched to my second story apartment. If you are leaving later the second day, just stay the night be cause they are charging you for day two anyway! (I wish I had known this). Plus if it is the weekend, most likely the pharmacy will be closed and you WILL notice when the pain meds start wearing off.

A raised toilet seat is a plus! The orthopedic nurses ordered me one as well as a shower chair. The original seat didn't fit the toilet so I had to be watched until the stable bedside commode (this can be placed over your toilet) came in. This cost more but the handles came in handy. I also slept propped up with pillows and one under my knee (I'm still doing the knee pillow).

I also stopped taking the narcotics about day 4. When you are on them make sure to take a stool softener. They forgot to tell me this. Trust me take the stool softener.

After one week I was off the CPM and TED tights. I was also cleared to drive, swim, stationary bike, and to walk without crutches around my apartment. I began walking about 14 days out but I'm still not 100% stable (only walking around the apartment, crutches everywhere else). I stated swimming MWF two Wednesday's after my surgery. The walking and freestyle have really helped! I do have a word of warning, stay away from the breaststroke for a while, that one hurt!

I returned to work September 15th, 4 hours per day. For the first week after 4 hours I was sore and grumpy, but a 2 hour nap solved that problem every time! I'm entering week 2 of work. I'm still part time but slowly increasing my hours.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions!

4 comments: said...

Anna, Great site & great info! Thank you! Was wondering how you were doing a year or so later? Glad you did it? Able to resume all your activities etc..? I'm a 43 yr. old guy, formerly active in all the stuff you were involved in and am considering the same surgery. Love any feedback thanks again!

Anna said...

Hey Ken!

I just had my one year check up and it went wonderfully! I am so glad I had this surgery. Right now I am training for a 1/2 marathon and no pain! Plus this weekend I went on a 35 mile bike ride. Life is grand! I would highly suggest doing the surgery. Are you considering the open dislocation, artho/open, or only artho?

Dotty said...

Hi Anna

I am really encouraged by your blog. It is wonderful that you have had such positive results with the surgery. I am a runner and Pilates instructor and have had hip and groin pain for a couple of months. The sports doctor suspects the problem is intra-articular and, as my bone scan came out all clear, the suggestion is that it is a labral tear/impingement. However, I still need to go through the process of having an MRA to confirm this.

I must say the prospect of having surgery scares me to no end. The fear of not being able to resume my beloved running is immense! Thus seeing your comment about your half-marathon training is really comforting. Thanks.


barb said...

Hi Anna-
I found this sight and wanted to ask you some major questions. :) I was a former collegiate athlete, former physical therapist and presently disabled with a new diagnose of right labral detatchment and bilateral hip dysplasia. sooo painful, took years to diagnose. And to boot'I have Lyme disease. so, what surgery did you have? my email is if you ever have some extra time for a run would give me so much hope!!! Is there hope :) blessings,